Duke with Benefits just didn’t hook me in.”
~ Under the Covers

Lady Daphne Forsyth is brilliant. With Math’s and puzzles. However, she has always had trouble with other people, the combination of blunt speaking and difficulty with recognising social cues has never made her very popular. However, none of that seems to bother the charming and handsome Duke of Maitland. And when they must work together to solve a mysterious cipher and with try and solve a murder at the same time, things start to heat up.

I normally love a super intelligent yet socially awkward/incompetent heroine, it makes such a nice difference to the beautiful debutantes you find scattered around historical romance. I was especially intrigued by this heroine as she seemed not just to be shy and awkward but I believe that Collins was describing someone with Asperger’s. And, although this can pop in heroes within the romance genre, I haven’t seen many books where this is something the heroine suffers from. However, Duke with Benefits just didn’t hook me in.

I tried to immerse myself in to the book, but I just wasn’t that interested in Daphne and even less so in Maitland. As for the cipher mystery, it was all a bit anticlimactic. Everything was very…nice. The romance was nice. The friendships were nice. The cipher hunt plodded slowly onwards. Where was the excitement? Where was the intrigue?  I don’t think it was helped by the way it seemed to read as a list of events they did that day…in the morning they were in the library talking about the cipher and then the afternoon over dinner they did this and then in the evening they all spoke about that. I just didn’t draw me in.

Although I have enjoyed Collin’s books in the past, Duke with Benefits just didn’t hit the right spot with me.


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