“This was enjoyable to read but I find it a bit forgettable.”
~ Under the Covers

I admit it *raises hand* I had to read this because how can you not after looking into those beautiful eyes?  I swear, the eyes on this cover made me do it.  I’ve read Lia Riley in the past and it’s been a little of a hit or miss for me, but for the most part I had read more new adult stuff by her.  This was a contemporary however, the characters still felt a bit immature to me.  While there were things about this that I liked, there were others that I wish would’ve been better.

Breezy is a librarian and in need of a hockey player for an event at the library when her scheduled Coach couldn’t make it.  Her sister, a sports journalist, has just the right guy for her.  Jed West, Hellions team captain and object of Breezy’s biggest fangirling crush EVER. She even has a life sized cardboard Westy at home!  Of course sparks are flying from the first meet and things only progress quickly from there.

Maybe one of my problems here was the “quickly” part.  I found the pacing of how these two jumped into things to be a little off because it didn’t quite seem believable with the events that happened.  I mean, he shows up at her house right after meeting her for the first time to retrieve his jacket and ends up fixing a roof leak?  Nice guy, don’t get me wrong, but my realist-meter was going a little crazy with this story.

All that being said, their chemistry was just plain cute!  While I thought they didn’t feel like grown ups and maybe some character depth and development, I still liked both of them.  As a couple and as individual characters.  They seem to make sense together because they are similar in some ways and I also liked how they were supportive of each other.

I am intrigued about the setup for the next book, Breezy’s sister and the team’s head coach who have a healthy amount of bickering and arguing between them.  But we will see if I end up picking it up.  This was enjoyable to read but I find it a bit forgettable.




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  1. I have read a few Lia Riley books and enjoyed them, but often I forget about them quickly. I do want to read this one, though. I love that she’s a librarian (seriously, though, why is her name Breezy?) and that it’s a sports romance.