“The whole mythology with the Reapers and the Light and Dark Fae will no doubt spellbound readers!”
~ Under the Covers

I was caught by surprise by this book. I don’t know why because in the past, I’ve enjoyed most of Donna Grant’s book but for whatever reason I found myself really enjoying this book more than her others. I think this mainly has to do with the heroine, River.

When readers first meet River, we don’t know much about her other than the fact that she likes books. And when the two men come crashing in demanding that she hand over these books, River stands her ground. She doesn’t do it because she’s stupid though. There’s thing about her that we don’t know and it’s these things that fuel her actions. She’s very skeptical of the Reapers and she has every right to be after what happened to her. She possesses that fiery personality, something which I think is quite different to Grant’s other heroines. While all her heroines are strong, River is more combative. She has some bite to her and I found her venom intriguing.

Kyran is a Reaper. It seems that Grant is finally stepping away from the Dark Kings and her Warriors and is finally exploring a world with just the Reapers. This series has a nice mix of ancient folklore and more modern twists thrown in. Also, I definitely think you can enjoy this story as a standalone.

I’m looking forward to see where Grant is going to be taking this series. She always excels at her worldbuilding and the whole mythology with the Reapers and the Light and Dark Fae will no doubt spellbound readers!




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