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“As cliche as it sounds, each story in this series is wickedly sexy and awfully sweet.”
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Wild Seasons series is a series of friends who had a blast in Vegas, and by that, I mean getting wickedly drunk and getting hitched.  Realizing it was a mistake, they quickly annulled the marriage, but they all ended up friends and later getting to know more of each other.   As cliche as it sounds, each story in this series is wickedly sexy and awfully sweet.

This latest and last release of the series, Wicked Sexy Liar is about London and Luke.  Luke is Mia’s high school sweetheart, good friends with Harlow and Lola.  London is Lola’s roommate.  I know it’s complicated, and there was plenty drama to go around.  Because Luke had history with Mia, Harlow and Lola was a bit protective of him and even a bit territorial.  It wasn’t easy for Luke and Lola to get involved.  Not to mention both their past with their exes jaded them to trust fully.  There wasn’t much angst in their story, but there were plenty of issues and drama they had to deal with.

I tried to look at this book in a different eye.  I attempted to look for things I didn’t like, and I honestly couldn’t find anything negative.  I would’ve enjoyed a deeper conflict in the story but other than that, I was very happy with Luke and London.  Christina Lauren managed to let their readers get to know Luke, who was viewed as a bad guy from the previous books.  It was also easy to feel like these two belonged and I found myself cheering on for them to make it.

I also enjoyed the involvement of the characters from the previous books.  Seeing them live their HEA was such a treat.  One of the characters known as Not-Joe gets a little more page time in this book.  We find out his real name, and we get to know him a little more.  Of course not nearly enough.  Though it is said that this is the end of the series, I’m still hoping that this is not the last we’ll see of Not-Joe or the rest of the gang.





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  1. I am looking forward to WSL but waiting until I can get the audiobook. Deacon Lee is one of the narrators and he is great!