“Barrett and Harmony have some great chemistry!”
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As you all know, I’m a huge fan of this series.  When a new book comes out I jump at the chance to dive back in and get reacquainted with the guys and girls I have come to care for and love.  UNEXPECTED RUSH for some reason wasn’t calling to me as much as the others have been.  Which was strange because I have this love for the Cassidy family!  When I picked it up and started reading it, though, I really liked the beginning.  Barrett Cassidy and his best friend’s little sister… count me in!  But then, as the story progressed, I found myself getting more and more distracted.

Harmony has just been dumped but she’s not necessarily heartbroken about it.  When she has the opportunity to work with Barrett and help design his new home, her overprotective brother’s best friend, teammate and her college crush, she doesn’t hold back on seducing him.  Barrett comes from a tight knit family and that plays a big role in this book which is one of the things I love about the series and I enjoyed about this book.

I feel like there wasn’t much about either Barrett or Harmony that grabbed me and made me want to stick with it.  They were just ok and Barrett was even sometimes a bit of a ball-less idiot.  So while this was very sexy and it has the Burton stamp of friends and family that I have come to love, the couple themselves never made it into my heart.  Sorry!  I think maybe in comparison to the last book, this was hotter.  Barrett and Harmony have some great chemistry!  For me, I was just missing something to make me connect with them as characters that I can’t quite put my finger on.  Even with all that, it was still an enjoyable read.

I am however dying for more Cassidy books!  This is the third book about these hunks and I see maybe Flynn could be next.  I do love a good chef story 🙂




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  1. This series make me want to participate in any ans all team sports. Would love to play with each ans every one of the guys!