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“This book touched me down to my very soul. Not many authors can do that but I can always count on Toni Blake to deliver a stellar book.”
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GUYS! We have another Destiny book! When I learned that Toni Blake was returning to Destiny, Ohio to write another book, I rejoiced! Blake’s Destiny series is easily one of my favorite Contemporary Romance series. If you like small town romances that are sweet, then you’ll love this series. But what’s so amazing about this series is that Blake writes amazingly sexy heroes and the sex in this books are exceptional hot. They borderline Erotic Romance sometimes and well, a girl cannot complain about that! So I was thrilled to see she would be writing another book. Plus, it’s a Christmas-themed one and absolutely loved HOLLY LANE.

In this book, we have Shane Dalton who is on his way to Miami after seeing his father. His father rattles him, but what’s more unsettling is the fact that his dying words were for him to visit Destiny, Ohio. Shane hasn’t a clue what is waiting for him there, but he goes anyway and gets caught in a blizzard. Car wrecked and lost, Shane goes to the nearest house to find shelter.

There he meets Candice Sheridan, a sweet woman with nervous personality. Candice is naturally wary of this stranger, but eventually she gives him shelter for the night. It’ll be the last she’ll see of him. Or, that’s what she thinks.

CHRISTMAS IN DESTINY has everything I want in a great book. There’s a fabulous balance of sexy and sweet. Both the hero and heroine are lovely and relatable. Plus there are side characters and romances that bring something a little bit extra to the main storyline.utc-top-pick

Blake creates wonderful banter between the main couple and the other friendly characters in the town. It was so easy for me to fall in love with them. The sense of community in this book is very strong and it also adds to the cheery nature of a Christmas book.

But I think my favorite part of this book might actually be the ending. Everything comes full circle in this book. What Blake does with this story is truly inspiring. I laughed, I swooned, I cried. And the tears weren’t even before of sadness. They were tears of happiness because this book touched me down to my very soul. Not many authors can do that but I can always count on Toni Blake to deliver a stellar book.

If you haven’t read this series yet, I highly suggest you check it out. This book looks like it’s the end of the series (which totally breaks my heart because I wish there were infinite stories set in this world!) so you can jump right in and enjoy!





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