“Point is you can’t miss this simple and beautiful story about two broken people that find they can hold each other up.”
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I knew I was going to be in for an emotional ride with this one.  Zach has been through a lot.  Being kicked out of a cult just a few years ago, there are still many emotional scars he carries.  Along with the many things he doesn’t know about regular life and other things he hasn’t experienced.  He’s a character you can’t help but fall in love with, in all of his understated charisma.  He’s a hard worker, he loves the people around him as if they were really his family, but he’s still scared of being thrown out again.  He’s a simple guy, with simple needs, and so devoted to those he love with a heart so big it melted my heart.

When I realized his heroine was also broken, I was a bit apprehensive at first.  These are two people that have been through a lot.  Lark is actually at the Shipley farm trying to get over her own issues.  The last thing she thought she would need was to think about a man or a relationship.  But Zach was PERFECT in every way to heal her.  Attentive, patient, caring, the beauty of his character shines through in all the little things until you realize why his support was exactly what Lark needed to let him in.

That being said, the issues Lark is dealing with are serious, and as I often say with this author they’re not magically made to disappear just because the hero loves her.  I always appreciate that.  And I also appreciate that any unnecessary drama is not added just to cause tension.  There was one opportunity for that when a new character pops up near the end and I was very happy with the author’s choice on how to handle that.

Point is you can’t miss this simple and beautiful story about two broken people that find they can hold each other up.  Loving somebody and supporting that person through a tough time means a lot of different things.  Sometimes, even letting them stand on their own.  It was real and emotional just the way it was, without doing any acrobatics with this story.  And we even get a surprise turn of events about another Shipley character that I did not see coming!  All in all, I absolutely love this family and I hope we get to see more books in this series.  They younger Shipley’s need their HEA’s and I for one can’t wait to see more of this bunch.




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