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“A tale full of humour, romance and family.”
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Lady Amelia is tired of trying to a proper young lady and following all the stuffy English rules imposed upon her. So she escapes. At least for a day and finally gets to experiencing all the attraction of London that seem out of bounds to a proper English lady escorted by the handsome and dashing Alistair Finlay-Jones. Alistair fortunes seem to be looking up when one of the infamous American Cavendish’s stumbles into him, especially as his uncle has recently ordered him to marry one of them. But, he never expected to fall in love with the mischievous Amelia making the situation far more complicated…especially when she finds out.

 I adored the first book of Maya Rodale’s Cavendish series, how could anything top my enjoyment of Lady Bridget’s Diary? It was funny, oddly familiar with its references to some very well known and loved books and more importantly it held the trump card; Lord Darcy. It all looked rather Doomed. But, my dire predictions were completely fallascious, Chasing Lady Amelia managed to engage me right from the first word.

Before the characters of the love story, what drew me in was Rodale’s writing style. It was so engaging, as if she’s talking directly to the reader, it really felt like she was weaving me a tale; A tale full of humour, romance and family. By the end of the first chapter I already knew that I would be giving this a high rating.

The second thing I noticed about this book? Amelia. That’s right, not the hero, the heroine. As much as I love a fantastic hero, let’s be honest they are a dime a dozen, having a heroine you love? That’s a little rarer. Amelia’s energy and zest for life really came through and gave the book life. I did like Alistair, he had the good taste to fall in love with Amelia after all, as well as ticking all those other hero tick boxes; handsome and smart.

I am really enjoying this series and I eagerly await the third book in the series. Rodale has created a funny, romantic, family based historical romance series that leaves you with a smile on your face and your heart warmed.  spacer


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  1. I thought lady bridget’s diary was ok…some of yhe scenes and lines were almost directly word for word from bridget jones’s diary and pride and prejudice so that was a bit of a turn off… I liked lady amelia and alistair from that first book so I do have chasing lady amelia on my tbr

  2. On my TBR 😀
    At this moment I’m in historical romance mood :D,actually all year 😀
    Looking forward to read this series 🙂
    Thanks for the lovely review Suzanne 🙂