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“DO YOU WANT TO START A SCANDAL is packed full of charm and fun!”
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Tessa Dare certainly does it again!  From the very first page I was transported to the world she skillfully and easily created and fell in love with the characters.  DO YOU WANT TO START A SCANDAL is packed full of charm and fun!

We are actually not in Spindle Cove for this one, but our heroine’s two sisters have already found their love match earlier in the series.  Charlotte wants to find that love match like her sisters did.  Charlotte and Piers are caught in a compromising position when they were in the Library together, her warning him to stay away from her or her mother would have them married, when a couple rushes in for a sexual rendezvous.  When Charlotte and Piers are believed to be the lovers, and the pressure is on for them to announce their marriage to correct the situation, Charlotte sets off to uncover the lovers so she doesn’t have to be forced into a loveless marriage.

Can I say… Charlotte is a STAR!  What a delightful character.  She made me laugh and smile, and generally love seeing what new trouble she was getting into.  It’s easy to see how she wormed her way into Piers’ heart.  With his line of work and her personality, these two were a match made in heaven!  Couldn’t have been better.

And while this is fun and light, filled with humor, that doesn’t mean it’s not sexy.  These two have that, no problem.  But more than that, I really enjoyed them as characters.  The different reality of who Piers really is compared to what society thinks of him.  Charlotte’s brain and ideas, she’s inquisitive, curious to a fault, smart and sassy.

Well crafted characters in outrageous situations and executed to perfection… That’s what I expect from Tessa Dare and that’s what she once again delivers.

Favorite quotes:

“If I let myself come anywhere near you” – he caught her wrists and lifted them, pinning her arms to the wall – “I’d have your skirts tossed up to your ears and my cock buried inside you before the rest of them looked up from their tea.”




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