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“Kate Meader sure knows how to put steam in her novels.  ”
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I want to say Sparking the Fire is the hottest book of the series but I would be lying.  All of the books in Hot in Chicago series are equally hot! Kate Meader sure knows how to put steam in her novels.

Wyatt Fox, the most reserved of the Dempseys, gets a second chance at meeting a woman he once had a fling with.  Little did he know that Molly, now a well known actress would come back in his life. Wyatt is to assist Molly and her crew in making a movie based on the Dempseys, but he did not expect Sparks of Fire between them again.

Any kind of second chance stories just sucks me in from the start.  I love Wyatt and Molly’s story.  It was obvious from the beginning that they were crazy for eachother and never should’ve been apart.  Though with Wyatt and Molly being so different, I was surprised the pairing worked. With Wyatt being reserved and introverted, I thought his personality would clash to Molly’s very outgoing personality.  Surprisingly, they were perfect for each other.
Wyatt is exactly what I envisioned him.  Quiet, loyal, sweet, lovable and very sweet.  His alpha male protective persona was swoon worthy and I couldn’t get enough of him.  Molly was okay.  She had her moments of being too naive but I liked her overall.
What I loved most is reading more about the Dempseys.  I love the siblings’ teasings, light banters and their sense of loyalty with each other.  Their pasts of how they became family always get me emotional.  I know true enough how realistic their situation is.  Gets me everytime.

I’m not sure what Meader’s plan for this series but I hope ending is not in the plans.  It looks like Meader has a new series coming out early of 2017.  I have no doubt that steamed scenes will not be a problem.




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  1. Thanks for the review. I can’t wait to start the series! The excerpts that I’ve read have been fantastic!