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“BUNS is the right book if you want to end with a smile on your face and a little starry eyed in love.”
~ Under the Covers

I have an obsession with this series.  First, the characters are always so endearing.  But second, the setting is perfect.  Alice Clayton really manages to depict such a vivid feel of the Hudson Valley and with each book I fall more in love.  BUNS is no different.  We take the trip up the Mountain to the Bryant Mountain House resort this time.  Archie is the youngest member of the Bryant family struggling to keep the family legacy going and Clara is the big city expert coming to bring them into the new century and save their business, even when her boss isn’t as flexible on her ideas at first.

I always love a good enemies to lovers story and there’s nothing stuffy, cliche or generic about this one.  This is a fresh and new take on the insta-hate because while there’s a very good reason for Archie to be totally standoffish and hate the fact that Clara is there and why, all that just adds to the sizzling tension between them.  It builds up between them to make it impossible for them to be together, but at the same time it can’t keep them apart and they just burst through all those reservations.  Because…chemistry!  Lets go back to the chemistry.  This book has it in spades!  I can’t say Archie is going to be taking my Leo’s place anytime soon, but Archie has that soft gentleman look, always put together with his glasses in place, and underneath it all he’s a man of action.  Push you against the wall of a building in an alley kind of action.  The boy can get dirty and focused to get what he wants and I absolutely loved him!

There is one thing that I love about Alice Clayton’s humor.  Her characters are never scared of making fun of themselves.  She doesn’t resort to forced humor, bathroom humor, or tasteless jokes.  She’s just got the right characters and everything just comes natural to them in a way that draws you in and gets you laughing along with them.  There’s one particular scene in this book involving a missing pair of glasses that just made me love the characters more.  Instead of getting awkward, it flowed and the scene connected.  And of course we have the humor of over the top Natalie that was a hoot every time she gets on the page.

This is not an overly complicated plot and we don’t get an angst filled storyline.  It’s just everything perfect and adorable.  BUNS is the right book if you want to end with a smile on your face and a little starry eyed in love.  While I think this may be the end of this series, I can’t wait to see where the author goes next.  For sure, I’ll be following.




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  1. Sounds like a great read!!! Put all three of this series on my good reads list!!! ,shared on all my socials!!!