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“I love this book, I love this book…”
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Jennifer Sylvester has a problem, in fact she has a couple; her overbearing controlling parents and her title “Banana Cake Queen.” She wishes she could ditch both of these things, but for that she’e going to need a little help. Cletus Winston. The scariest man in town, not least of all because no one knows exactly how dangerous he is, behind his affable facade is a master manipulator and she has just the leverage to get him to work his magic for her. Cletus can’t believe the Banana Cake Queen is blackmailing him, usually he is 10 steps ahead of everyone else, but Jennifer has managed to do something not many can do: surprise him.

I’m still feeling a little incoherent with pleasure, so please forgive me if this review consists of me repeating “I love this book, I love this book,” because at the moment that is what is racing through my mind. Because, you guessed it…I loved this book. And I went in to it with sky high expectations, which usually results in a painful plummet to Earth, Beard Science however, didn’t put me into free fall, instead, I’m still coasting on air flinging stars at it like it’s a dartboard.

So what is it that I liked so much about this book? In a word; Cletus. Possibly one of the most unexpected heroes that I have read, he’s a banjo playing, beard wearing hillbilly, with a Machiavellian mind and the best sausage in Tennessee. He’s like a super villain who has decided to use his power for good. But, I found it wasn’t just Cletus, who I fully expected to rock my world, who had me glued to my kindle, it was Jennifer as well.

Reid excels at writing heroines I adore so I don’t know why this surprised me, but Cletus is a strong character and it would be easy for his to overshadow his heroine. But Jennifer managed to be vulnerable, strong, funny and clever and her handling of Cletus put a smile on my face. Cletus and Jennifer weren’t the couple I expected, but the more I read, the more they seemed to fit, their strengths and weaknesses complimenting the other. I couldn’t get enough of them.

If you like your contemporary romances with a pinch of sexy, a handful of humour and a dollop of romance, all mixed together with Penny Reid’s signature charm than you need to give this book and indeed this series a read, it won’t disappoint.


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  1. Thanks for your review. I love Penny ‘s books. She always delivers great heroes and heroines and such a flawless writing. Can’t wait to read this one.

  2. HI Suzanne!!!

    I have to wait to read this book and it’s freaking killin’ me. I love this series and Cletus. I swear anytime I hear the word sausage I start laughing. I still that has to be one of the funniest scenes in all of fiction.

    Thanks for the review and OMG– I’m dying.