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“I can’t think of another author who writes as consistently well as Lara Adrian.”
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In this new Midnight Breed novella, Lara Adrian thrills and excites with Savage and Arabella. It’s not a surprise that Adrian hits this out right out of the park. MIDNIGHT UNTAMED maybe be shorter than the other Midnight Breed books, but it is still packed with plenty of action and romance.

I’m a big fan of the way Adrian writes her books. There’s no stalling, no waiting time before the story takes off. Savage and Arabella’s story instantly gripped me and I took a particular liking to Savage’s character. I mean, can you say HOT!? Even his name is enough to intrigue me. When Savage is on a job and he recognizes a familiar face, he doesn’t blow it up like he is meant to. Instead, he tries to save Arabella from the bad people that have her.

Because she has a special ability, people are hoping to extort that and that makes her powerful. But now, she has become a slave, a piece of property that many want. Savage and Arabella have a past, which is what I think helps this book create a fuller story. If they had just met, I don’t think it would’ve have the same impact. The reason why Arabella is in the hands of the bad guy in the first place is a little cliché and not that unique, but it’s easy to overlook because of Adrian’s expert writing style. There’s no question that this book is well-written. Every words is necessary as is every scene. I can’t think of another author who writes as consistently well as Lara Adrian.




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