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“I love these little stories and I hope Charlie Cochet continues to write them!”
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First off, I want to begin by saying that if you haven’t read the THIRDS series and you’re a M/M fan, then you’re really missing out on some amazing characters and stories. This particular book is a little bit different to what you’ll normally see because it isn’t really an anthology or a collection of stories. Here readers give the author some story prompts about the series or character and Charlie Cochet writes short bits and pieces about the boys. I would call this a slice of life type thing because they’re not well-bodied stories or anything like that, just glimpses into their lives. Most are funny, some are touching, all of them are worth the read.

However, if you haven’t read the full length books yet, then don’t read this book. You’ll find yourself extremely lost because a lot of this tidbits are out of context. I would highly suggest reading them after you’ve read all the books because this is a great treat for fans.

Obviously my favorite ones in this book are the ones involving all the characters. I especially love the ones that have Ash and Dex together because they are just so entertaining to read about. But Cochet also writes about Seb so that will be nice for readers who are waiting for the next book in the series. I love these little stories and I hope Charlie Cochet continues to write them!




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