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The new paranormal me

The first book of my new Ghost Ops series, HEART OF DANGER, is just out and it’s a futuristic novel with a paranormal twist, which is surprising even to me. Anyone who’s ever read me knows that I am intensely reality-based and detail-oriented. Whatever weaponry my guys carry, it’s a real weapon and it’s what that particular hero in that particular situation would in all likelihood be shooting or, depending, using to blow things up.

I love that about romantic suspense, that the gritty reality grounds the romance. Besides, I love the research. I am a slightly geeky kind of person who is absolutely happiest at the keyboard or on the couch reading. So doing all this research for my suspense novels, asking questions of firearms and ballistics experts, of law enforcement officers or emergency physicians soothes a deep craving for my inner adventurer who will never actually go out on the adventures herself because it’s cold and wet out there and I like my comforts.

So imagine my surprise when three big, tough guys came knocking at my door and said—we’re from 2022 and we’ve been betrayed. Do something about it.

Well, I personally couldn’t do anything about it but my heroines could. And are. The three heroines—Catherine, Elle and Sophie—have powers. Here I had to tread lightly because I don’t believe in the supernatural and I don’t believe in magic wands that you can wave to solve everything.

But I do believe that we humans are more than we seem. I believe we have hidden powers inside us that can be brought out and I believe that in some, the powers are less latent than in others.

The three women’s powers aren’t magic panaceas. If anything, they are more like curses. Catherine is an empath, able to read emotions at a touch. You can imagine how much that might be welcomed in people whose emotions are raw and dark. Elle can astrally project, but while she is in an out of body experience, her physical body is inert and vulnerable. Sophie is a healer, but healing drains her and can kill her.

The three heroines learn to control their abilities and sharpen them during the course of the books. Really fabulous sex helps, of course. Before you smile too much, just think about it. Good sex is all about connection, about melding with another human being. The three heroine’s powers had kept them separate from the rest of humanity but with their men behind them, they step up and grow into their powers.

The three women place their abilities at the disposal of their men who are being hunted by dangerous people. Their men are dangerous, too. It is only together that they can stave off a threat that can destroy the world.

Let me know what you think of paranormal powers. Do we all have them without realizing it?

Happy reading!

I’m not too sure I believe in all the romance paranormal tropes. I find it hard to buy into good guy vampires (well, except for the kick-ass Black Dagger Brotherhood) and werewolves don’t do it for me.

Ghost Ops. A small unit of super-elite soldiers so secret only two men know of their existence. Betrayed by their commanding officer while on an antiterrorist mission, the team is massacred. Only three survive—and find themselves framed and disgraced. But en route to the court martial, they escape . . . and disappear.

Beautiful, brilliant, and determined, Dr. Catherine Young is on a mission to find a man who has vanished into thin air. Walking into a high-tech hideaway bearing an essential message to Tom “Mac” McEnroe, Team Leader of the betrayed Ghost Ops force, is the most dangerous thing she has ever done. The soldier she encounters is frightening and suspicious, but her senses reveal the man underneath: tough, honorable, and so breathtakingly masculine Catherine feels weak in his presence . . . But to surrender to Mac’s passionate desires would put her life in dire jeopardy. Catherine has a gift that enables her to see into the heart of others—and looking into Mac’s is like staring into the very heart of danger itself.

About the Author

Lisa Marie Rice is eternally 30 years old and will never age. She is tall and willowy and beautiful. Men drop at her feet like ripe pears. She has won every major book prize in the world. She is a black belt with advanced degrees in archaeology, nuclear physics, and Tibetan literature. She is a concert pianist. Did I mention her Nobel Prize? Of course, Lisa Marie Rice is a virtual woman and exists only at the keyboard when writing erotic romance. She disappears when the monitor winks off.

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The world knows her only as Eve. . . .

Though her songs have sold millions she is an enigma, a bewitching mystery. But to former Delta Force operator Harry Bolt, she is an angel whose sultry, smoky voice brought him back to life after the nightmare of Afghanistan. Nothing else matters.

And now a scared, helpless beauty has walked through the door of his San Diego private security firm, running from something secret, something deadly . . . and Harry knows immediately that this is the woman who saved him. He is the last hope for this intoxicating siren without a past–not even in his hottest dreams did he imagine that the lady Eve could be so tempting, so achingly desirable. But though she burns to lose herself in Harry’s powerful arms, Eve is wary of trusting this tough, haunted ex-soldier who promises to protect her. Surrender could mean sweet ecstasy or certain doom. Can she open her heart, even if it means risking her life?

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  1. I wish we had a little paranormal powers in us and we just had to tap that part of our brain to access them. It would be awesome to do something special and extraordinary. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. I think everyone has (or has the potential for) paranormal powers.

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  3. Thanks for a fun post and giveaway! Ummm… no I don’t think we do. Otherwise, there would be a lot more manifestation of these “powers”. But it would be cool if we did 🙂

  4. Congrats on the new release. I think only “special “people have paranormal powers, though we all have the potential for them.

  5. “We’re from 2022 and we’ve been betrayed. Do something about it.”

    Seriously loved this. I’m sold. And I think potential and possibility is what drives us in all sorts of things.

  6. I think most humans do have a little bit of paranormal power. I think most of us run from it when it first appears and then we can’t find it again later in life.

  7. I don’t really know! I think maybe we all have some intuition of things to come but we mostly ignore it. I can’t wait to read her books – I have them on the wish list. Thanks for the chance.

  8. I believe in paranormal powers. I don’t believe that I have them. I think you need to really be in tune with yourself to feel them and I’m not that deep! I love to read about them though! Have a great holiday season!

  9. I love paranormal romance/erotica books, something about them that makes reading them even better. I believe in the paranormal but I think that the people who have the powers have them for a reason. If anyone and everyone had them it would just be normal. Thanks for the chance to win your work.

  10. I believe everyone has the potential to harness paranormal powers once we unlock the barriers hiden deep within us.

  11. I would love a special power, I don’t have one though. I do think that people have something pencil about them. My husband uncle was a priest and he had a very calming vibe.

  12. (SIGH)===love and adore LMR’s military men. They are strong, Alpha males that make me weak in the knees. I have read books one and two of this great series and need to read more!

  13. Whoops—my bad, forgot to answer question in the comment above. **blushes**
    As far as superpowers go, I tend to believe that we really only use a small portion of what our brains are really capable of—(and some, ever smaller, lol). I can totally believe in those who have the ability to tap into the deeper parts of our brain and use it.

  14. Forgot to answer the question too. I think we probably all have some degree of powers but most don’t believe in them. Without belief in the possibility nothing will materialize.

  15. I believe it’s like most things, if we don’t use it we lose it! Maybe we have an inkling of these powers but if they are not nutured and taught to grow, then we lose them.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  16. I don’t think we ALL have them but I do believe that there are people gifted with them.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  17. I wish I had paranormal powers. I keep thinking that someday I will develop a super power. I think I have pretty good intuition but I wish I had some kind of precognitive powers. Would make my life easier if I could predict lottery numbers and the bad things that happen to me in life so I would know how to avoid them.

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