“I do admit to the smexy scenes being pretty damn hot” ~Under the Covers
*This review is for the first five releases in this series. Rumor was that these five releases would complete this series; however, according to Fawkes, there will be more to this series (and thank goodness for that with the way that she ended #5!).

Anything He Wants is contemporary erotica, and likely another book series that falls under the guise of,  “If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey, you’ll love this!”  And while I am a fan of Fifty, probably because Fifty was the first book of its type  that I had read, I unfortunately can’t say that I did love Anything He  Wants.

Lucy is a data entry clerk, and she has timed her  elevator rides every morning so that she is able to ride with and ogle a drop-dead hunk, who we later find out is Jeremiah.  The series begins  with such an elevator ride, and after everyone has exited the elevator,  with the exception of Lucy and Jeremiah, before these two even exchange  hellos or names, they get down and dirty in the elevator.  Later that  evening, at the end of the work day, Jeremiah tracks Lucy down in the  parking garage, and another trust ensues.  And they still have yet to  exchange names.  The next day, Lucy is taken to Jeremiah’s office by her boss, to find out that Jeremiah is the CEO of his own company.  Sound  familiar?  Well, come to find out, Lucy was about to lose her job, but  Jeremiah (yes, they finally know each other’s names), offers her a job  as his personal assistant.  What does the job description entail?  You  guessed it: Anything he wants.  Lucy doesn’t take too long to think  about and accept the job:  her parents died a couple of years ago, she  lost their house due to the debt she inherited, and she is down on her  luck financially.  So, Jeremiah’s lucrative offer is enticing enough for her to say yes.  And so it begins.

As his personal assistant, Lucy goes with Jeremiah to Paris for a  function, and while there, she gets caught in the cross hairs, so to speak, of someone out to harm Jeremiah, either directly, or indirectly by harming Lucy.  It is from this that we see Jeremiah become super alpha, and basically claims Lucy, vows to protect her, but then also pushes her away from any of her sexual advances.  Jeremiah sends more mixed signals than a broken traffic light.  Regardless, Lucy is still infatuated, and finds herself sequestered in his house without any hope of leaving any time soon.  Meanwhile, someone is still on the loose to hurt Jeremiah and/or Lucy, but does she listen to Jeremiah while trying to keep her safe?  Nope – that would be too wise!

There were a lot of  elements in this book series that just fell flat for me, sadly.  I  couldn’t get over the ridiculousness of so many situations in the  series.  First, when the sex scenes begin the way they do, with no introductions or exchange of names, within the first pages of the book, I just can’t help but roll my eyes.  And then, of course, the series was  just too formulaic.  The corporate hot shot/CEO falls in lust with college drop-out, data entry clerk, who, after hot  sex but no meaningful dialogue, agrees to do anything he wants for the right price, and subsequently, listens to and gives in to his demands of “Kneel” and “Bend over and put your elbows on the desk.”  Wow!   Really????  I think that besides a physical attraction, it would be nice to see some compatibility through dialogue and other exchanges before acquiescing to his every whim.  However, dialogue is quite lacking, if there at all, and not just in the beginning, but throughout the entire series.

Nonetheless, within days, Lucy finds herself falling head over heels, and dare I say it – love – for this dominating, domineering, and often cold, billionaire.  Is the sex hot?  It definitely is!  But is that enough to make someone fall in love after a couple days?  Nope, not in my book.

To make matters worse, Lucy makes decisions that are just mind boggling to me.  When Jeremiah tells her to “Kneel,” does she does so at his word?  Yes.   But when her life is in jeopardy, does she do what Jeremiah tells her to, in order to keep her safe?  Nope!  *insert another eyeroll here.*  And then when information comes out about Jeremiah’s past, and who may be out to harm him, it is basically spelled out directly for them before the head-smacking comprehension hits either Lucy OR Jeremiah.  Wow!  For an ivy-league student, and a corporate billionaire, it really takes them awhile to be clued in.

All that said, I do admit to the smexy scenes being pretty damn hot.  Other than my repulsion to some of the verbiage used (e.g., “weeping folds” – yeah, that just provides me with some really abhorrent imagery really), the sex scenes did get my girly bits tingling.  And I do have to give Fawkes kudos for the ending of the 5th release….I never saw that coming, and now she has enticed me enough just to continue reading to find out the who’s and why’s behind all the mystery.

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