“Abbi Glines has a formulaic style of writing so if you’re a fan of her previous works, this one will hit the spot for you.” ~ Under the Covers

Abbi Glines is really taking this Rosemary Beach series and running with it. With spin off after spin off, the series in total is now on its sixth book and YOU WERE MINE features Tripp and Bethy. For loyal fans, this story has been a long time coming. However, for readers who haven’t read the previous books in the series, this story may not hold as strong as Glines’ other books as events in the past greatly affect the emotional place where both the hero and heroine are coming form.

Bethy experienced a loss that shattered her entire world. She lost someone she loved with her whole heart and now that he is gone, Tripp wants to be the man in her life. It tackles some complicated emotions as Bethy isn’t the biggest fan of Tripp but Glines’ writing style is very simple.

The book is written with dual POVs, but Glines goes back and forth in the past and present between those chapters. I’m not really a fan of this style of writing, especially when the emotional journey needs to be such a big part of the book. Jumping from one point of time when Bethy is very young, vulnerable and naive to the present where she is mistrustful and grieving doesn’t make for a smooth journey towards the end. Every time I thought there was some progress, we go back to the present and are hit with another huge step back.

However, that is not to say that the book doesn’t hit the emotions well. I only wished there was more exploration of those emotions where the author can get deep into the character’s mind to show that healing and growth. There are some heartwarming moments and plenty of sexy times as well. Abbi Glines has a formulaic style of writing so if you’re a fan of her previous works, this one will hit the spot for you.

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