“I would definitely love to see Carlson tackle Paranormal Romance in a full length novel next time.” ~ Under the Covers

In ALL IN, Amanda Carlson takes on the sex demon. As a succubus, Ginger Elliot has a lot to be worried about. She is in danger of being Collected, but her real problem is locating her brother. Plus there is also the matter what she requires to feed badly and doesn’t have an outlet to work that out on.

As a lover of Paranormal Romance, I’ve read many many books on magical creatures, but one that I am constantly excited about are succubi. I’ve only read a handful of these and Carlson’s take on this creature is one that fits her unique world well, but also has some great details that make it her own. I especially liked the first dream that Ginger had.

Ginger is a fun heroine who finds herself attracted to Luke Jones. He’s the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet and I just loved how he was so willing and ready to give himself over to Ginger even though she kept him away.

Since this is a novella, pacing is very important and yet despite all the action, the romance holds up very well. I actually think Luke might be one of my favorite heroes because he’s not so in your face with his sexiness. That understated bit about him makes him a little more realistic even in these paranormal worlds. I would definitely love to see Carlson tackle Paranormal Romance in a full length novel next time.


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