“If you like the rock-type, strong and supportive heroes, then look no further than Zane Barnes.” ~ Under the Covers

If you like the rock-type, strong and supportive heroes, then look no further than Zane Barnes.  The glasses and the tats make for a sexy contrast, and add to that his personality and I was falling hard and fast for him.  Zane has had a crush on Keelie for the longest time but first he thought she had a thing for his brother.  After that fell through for her, he saw his chance to ask her out finally.  But she never took him serious.  Living far away didn’t help, so he’s ready to make the changes needed to go after everything he’s wanted in life, love and his career.

I have a thing for books with girls that work at a tattoo parlor.  I admit it.   They’re usually strong and a little kickass.  Keelie is that but with a soft center.  In the first book, I didn’t feel that way.  But as I learned more about her, I started to warm up to her.  She’s been hurt by her past and is looking for a new life away from that.  A life that she can’t fully live though, or her past might come back and haunt her.  I ended up liking Keelie a little less than I was expecting, though.  I think some things from her past and her emotions could’ve been developed a little bit more.

While they both had sad stories in their past, I don’t think it dragged the book down.  The serious was dealt with and we were left with plenty of sexy and sweet.  The two of them together were nothing short of cute.  A perfectly matched couple, helping each other heal.  However, in my case, the spark that keeps me coming back to finish reading a book was just not quite fully there for me.  It was an enjoyable read, but it wasn’t a must-finish-this-now-before-I-can-get-any-sleep.

As always, I enjoy Ms. Walker’s writing style and the way she weaves emotions throughout the story.  Usually dealing with some tougher subjects, as she did in this book.

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