Not many authors can so easily transport readers with their words. Kelley can. ~ Under the Covers

Last year I discovered Inez Kelley. Her book SWEET AS SIN blew me away and still remains as one of my top favorites EVER. Since then I’ve read other books by Kelley because I just love her writing voice. I simply can’t get enough of it, so when I heard about TIME DANCER, I knew I just had to check it out as well. And what do you know, Kelley doesn’t disappoint!

As a full length fantasy novel, the world that Kelley has created in this series is sparkling. It’s so complex and alluring that I literally found myself amazed by how beautiful it all seemed. If you’re a fan of Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series, then you are familiar with the eloquent way she is able to paint a canvas with her vivid descriptions of her world. As I read TIME DANCER, I felt the exact same way with Kelley’s writing. Each description is so vivid and mesmerizing that I felt like I was in another world completely. It all seemed so real to me. Not many authors can so easily transport readers with their words. Kelley can.

As Kelley unravels this sensual romance between Darach and Jana, I thought the rest of the story was appropriately dramatic. Jana is a time dancer and Darach is the handsome warrior sent to help her find out who is attacking the prince. Their romance blooms at a steady pace, but time is running out for the both of them. I loved the sense of urgency this book had. It definitely made for a perfectly paced story, creating highs and lows at just the right intervals.

For fans who want to read something fresh and completely different from the paranormal romances that are out there, I highly recommending Inez’s fantasy novels. They’re a different take on magic but no less amazing.

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