“It gave me young THE HATING GAME vibes…”

~ Under the Covers

Look at the pretty cover! I was excited to see a holiday young adult novel by Tif Marcelo. I’ve enjoyed her writing before and I haven’t read a young adult holiday story before that I can remember. So it was a go.

THE HOLIDAY SWITCH is a young adult holiday story with a dash of romance. Heroine works at a bookstore and wants to get extra hours during the holidays but instead the owner’s nephew gets hired and she has to train him. It gave me young THE HATING GAME vibes even though I wish it had more holiday cheer.⁠

That being said, I liked our main character and the bit of romance that’s more of a friendship for most of the book. Let’s call it enemies to lovers, slow burn and co-workers. I also enjoy stories set at bookstores so that was a huge plus for me. Especially since the heroine is a book blogger, secretly. Maybe that explains why my favorite parts of the book were the book reviews she would post 😉

For a short story I think it showed great character growth, family and culture. Both our main characters have secrets they are keeping from their family and that internal struggle to overcome between what’s expected of them and what they want. I quite reading that! Even though this wasn’t my favorite by this author, it was certainly a fun addition to my holiday reads.


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