“Instead of cute funny it was just a bit drawn out and ridiculous.”

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I’m always up for a small town holiday romance and I admit I’m easily swayed by a great cover. In this case, the title and the cover made me pick this up. Even though this series had been on my radar from previous year. I figured being a contemporary romance I should be fine with jumping in with this new run of the Reindeer Falls series.

Maybe I was just not in the right mood for this one but it was just a bit too over the top for me. I mean, the heroine is actually so obsessed with Christmas that she is the town’s Christmas cop and her responsibility is to make sure that everyone has their decorations up. It just felt a bit too much for me. I also should’ve known that going in because it’s right in the blurb, but I thought it may be cute. Didn’t quite work out as well for me. I spent a good chunk of the book allowing Maggie to get on my nerves. Then there’s the chemistry and the romance. It felt completely out of nowhere and I just wanted the story to be over.

On the good side, the town was the perfect setting and there’s a great cast of side characters I wouldn’t mind reading more of so I am tempted to read more.  Either before in the series or after. I think I just picked up the wrong one to start with. Instead of cute funny it was just a bit drawn out and ridiculous.

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