This was a really good book that made an old and worn plot seem sparkling and new ~ Under the Covers

Drew Evans is handsome and rich with the ego and arrogance to match his success, women flock to him and he has no desire to give up his playboy lifestyle. Not even for Katherine Brooks, the new associate and the woman he can’t seem to stop thinking about. The flu is the reason he is at home on a seven day ice-cream bender, not that she has picked someone else over him…

Is anyone else sick of all the millionaire playboy heroes who unexpectedly fall head over heels against their better judgement? I know I am, they seem to be sprouting up everywhere, you think you have finally read them all and another one pops up. Well….I think you should try one more, I swear it’s the last one! Tangled was fun, sexy and a little bit different from your usual contemporary romance.

I have seen a lot of well deserved positive reviews for this book, but as always I like to be contrary and found that it actually took me a good 20% before I warmed up to the Drew, which been as the whole book is told from his perspective made the first part of the book a little slow for me. But once I had softened towards him I found I couldn’t put the book down, I just wanted to see what hilarious and outrageous thing that Drew would say/think next.

The romance itself was pretty hot, yet also incredibly sweet as we watch Drew fall in love with Kate without realising it is happening, and although the events in the book were predictable it didn’t stop me from reading eagerly on to see how Drew would handle it.

This was a really good book that made an old and worn plot seem sparkling and new and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series and see what Emma Chase has in store for us next.

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  1. Everyboody love Drew 😀
    I heard amazing things about this book,I plan to read 🙂
    So many book,so little time 😀
    It will be,it will be 🙂

    Thanks for the recommendation and wonderful review Suz! 🙂