Ms. Kaye yet again provided another sexy Greek God with an emotional flaw ” ~Under the Covers

Ms. Kaye yet again provided another sexy Greek God with an emotional flaw then pairing him up with a human who is physically disabled but strong willed and kindhearted. Though they are from opposites of the spectrum they, are just a perfect match.

My heart broke for Chyrsander, the Supreme God of the South Wind and Summer. Because he feels responsible for his brother’s mishaps, he feels that it is his duty to save him from the higher Gods of Olympus. Poor guy he has been chasing Eurus (Supreme God of the East Wind and Harbinger of Misfortune) all over the mortal world and taking a good beating from him. The worst part is that while his other brothers are more than willing to help, he refuses to ask because his family Zephyros, Boreas and his son Owen were all family men and should not be burdened. He feels undeserving of their support of love for that matter. In an attempt to take Euros down, Chrys ends up hurt in Laney Summerlyn’s barn. And of course that is where Chrys meets Laney , and he is instantly enthralled by her.

Who wouldn’t be? Laney is a strong and independent woman despite  her disability of blindness. She has her own horse farm and is managing well with a little help from her friend. I love Laney’s characters, from the start she saw right through Chrysander and had trusted her instincts about him. She is just the perfect heroine to love a flawed God.

I really enjoyed watching Chrysander and Laney’s romance unfold. I love that a simple blind human can teach a Supreme God a thing or two about love. Not to mention they were super hot together, hot enough to break windows and glasses during a heated scene. As with all the Greek God stories, the drama between the families continues. There will be betrayals, reunions , and as we are expecting Euros book, unsolved issues.

I started this series with West of Want, which is book two of this series. Though it was easy for me to follow the story and Ms. Kaye excels with backstory recap, I recommend that you start with the first book, North of Need. It really matters when you see the development of every character as you will see them again in this novel.

Overall, another enjoyable read by Ms. Kaye.

*ARC provided by Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. This is the first I’ve heard of this series, but I’ll make sure it won’t be the last! Thanks for the review Angela.

  2. I loved North of Need, but haven’t read West of Want yet. I need to get cracking because this one sounds good. Thanks!

  3. I loved North of Need and liked West of Want but am I the only one having a hard time getting through South of Surrender? I’m at 52% and thinking of not finishing. I don’t care for Laney.

  4. I like very much books from Laura Kaye 🙂
    I’m big fan of books with mythology,this series definitely I will read 🙂

    Great review!