“While there were moments that turned me off, there were plenty of moments that I appreciated and enjoyed.”
~ Under the Covers

Talon is a jaded hero. He surfed and he fucked, that was his MO but he’s so much more. You see this right from the start.  He is complex and intense but most of all, a knight in shining armor; whether he likes to show it or not.  His façade of the no-nonsense-tough-guy falters when Sirens comes asking for help.  Obviously, he can’t just turn his back on her.  Unfortunately, she is the epitome of complications and this relationship will bring him all kinds of trouble.  But as we have it, he would do anything to protect Siren despite her connections to the notorious Motorcycle Club.  With a military background and connections, Talon faced them head on.  This guy has balls of steel.

I had a hard time rating this book hence reviewing it just now.  While there were moments that turned me off, there were plenty of moments that I appreciated and enjoyed.  I also had conflicted opinions of the heroine.   Siren sometimes annoyed me yet I couldn’t blame her for some of her actions.  She is involved in a f’up situation and her predicament didn’t necessarily give her a lot of options.  Not necessarily her fault but I thought Talon got the short end of the stick for falling for her.  There were scenes that made me want to strangle them.  They had so much baggage, guilt, and uncertainties that at times, they created unnecessary angst.  Though Ms. Bartel does a good job pulling me back in with the overall plot and a few surprising twists.  The end was also very sweet.

I didn’t realize this book was connected to the Unchecked Trilogy which I have not had the chance to finish.  The previous character cameos didn’t give much away, so I don’t feel like there was any big spoilers or did I feel I needed to read Unchecked books before going into this one but I’m hoping to get to that series soon.




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