“You can always count of Amy Lane to deliver an amazing book.”
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In the thirteenth book of the Bluewater Bay series, Amy Lane introduces actor Connor Montgomery. A year ago, Connor lost his one true love, Vinnie to a drunk driver. Their adventures continues to play in his head as he grieves and since it is set in Malibu where the prying eyes of paparazzi and media are always around, Connor has no choice but to try and hide the hurt he feels. It all hits rock bottom when he films a drunken YouTube confession on the death anniversary of Vinnie’s death. That’s when he realizes that he needs to get out of Malibu.

Moving to Bluewater Bay for a TV show, he encounters his new assistant for the next few months and it’s instant chemistry between the two. Although Connor is still a little shaken up, we start to see a different side to his character as the book develops. Noah definitely becomes a breath of fresh air for Connor and in all honesty, I saw him as a lifeline for him. If Connor hadn’t gotten out of Malibu and met Noah, I’m sure his grief would’ve consumed him.

Lane builds a believable romance between the two. Sweet and charming, she infuses the pages with her trademark wit and charisma. But there also is an undertone of sadness and heart as well. I think it’s this balance is what makes Lane books so enjoyable.

The only thing that stopped me from falling completely in love with the story was the humor. While I still think it’s an essential part of the story and Lane is known for her quirky characters, there were times when I felt like it went a little too far. The side characters, and even sometimes the main characters, exhibited behavior that kind of surprised me. But it’s also the fact that it happens so frequently that bothered me. I can deal with it a few times, but when it starts to happen every couple of pages then it just gets too much. But apart from that, I really loved the premise of this story. You can always count of Amy Lane to deliver an amazing book.




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