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Seize Me from Darkness by Cari Silverwood is the 4th installment in the Pierced Hearts series.  I’ve been a HUGE fan of this series since its inception.  When I want intelligently written, suspenseful, non-con/dark BDSM, she’s been a go-to for me.  This installment is no exception, and in fact, just might be my favorite so far.  Pieter is an ex-cop who’s gotten tangled up in mercenary work that puts him on the other side of the law.  He’s a big, hulking, scary South African who has no qualms with violence as a means to an end. He’s a natural dominant and also an admitted sadist.  He finds himself the captive of human-trafficker, Gregor, along with the beautiful Jazmine, a woman with many secrets of her own.  She’s dirty in her own right.  Forced by Gregor to entertain his Client through elaborate acts of non-consensual BDSM with Jazmine, he becomes enraptured by her.  He wants her for his own.  Jazmine is an independent woman, but with Pieter, she finds that pain with pleasure, acts of submission and obedience, trigger feelings she can’t bear to wrap her head around….until she’s forced to.  Jazmine is, for Pieter, more dangerous than he first suspected, and when he finds he can never let her free, the darkness overtakes them both.

Oh. My. God.  I hunkered down with this one in a quiet room and would only allow myself to continue if I had at least an hour of uninterrupted silence.  This is what separates the fun, light, mindless reads from the ones that need savoring.  As in EVERY WORD.  I didn’t want to miss one second of Pieter’s masterful dominance, his act of balancing the desires of the Client with protecting his Jazmine from irrevocable harm.  The switching of perspectives by chapter was once again used to get deep into the minds of the characters.  Pieter is a bad man, but one with a conscience, even if his rules of acceptability vary far from what we would consider.  He plays by his own rules and makes no apologies.  Jazmine is no perfect, untainted flower either.  Is her predicament a worthy punishment for her past crimes?  The sensibility in us would say never.  But the insight we have in to her mind, her response to dominance, and the feelings she develops for Pieter all tempered the non-consensuality enough to allow me as a reader to enjoy her predicament way more than I was comfortable with.  Which is why I love Cari Silverwood!  Jazmine’s sexual submission, her frequent canings as punishment, her transition into full sexual slave by choice was one of the most erotic transformations I’ve ever read.  Their scenes are unique, anything but cookie-cutter.  I found myself fantasizing about a Pieter of my own.    I think I have Stockholm Syndrome!  It’s truly a mind fuck of epic proportions.  That being said, this was by far the darkest and most violent of the series, apart from the BDSM.  There is murder, bloodshed, and torture of the non-sexual variety that’s not sugarcoated in any fashion, so fair warning.  I felt it enhanced the desperate atmosphere, the longing need of both Pieter and Jazmine.   I can truly say that this is one of my favorite reads of the year, absolutely on my desert island keeper shelf.  I can’t wait to see what twisted tale is next in line.

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Desire rippled into me, and I shivered for a full second. Visibly shivered. His threat had done that. Since when had I been into pain?

“You like that?” His eyebrow arched. “You like the threat of pain?”

“No.” My denial was automatic, but I couldn’t stop the tiny swallow that followed. He’d figured me out before I did.

His thumb swept across to my mouth then he curled out my lip as if checking the teeth of a bought creature.

Awareness blossomed in his eyes, a smug satisfaction that half made me want to wipe it away. But the other half of me wanted to do anything he asked.

“Liar,” he murmured, stretching out my nipple, eliciting another gasp. “Pretty liars get hurt anyway. Say thank you.”

My eyes widened. Then he shifted his hand, hooked two fingers into my mouth, and leaned that elbow on the wall behind my head. “Say thank you.”

I wriggled in his grip.

“Say thank you.”

“No, no –”

His fingers hooked deeper in, brushing my tongue. I was crushed, desire annihilating thought. My thank you tumbled out. Tears leaked and dribbled down my cheeks. This was insane.

He pulled his hand from my mouth and held my throat to the wall while he shoved his other hand between my legs, fingers curving along in my moisture and making me part my legs. Then he lifted me an inch or so. My back slid on tile, rekindling pain. I was pinned there, throat and pussy. A needy moan escaped my lips.


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  1. Thank you so much, Jennifer. Such a beautifully written review.

    Because it’s been nine months since the last book, and I’m sure people have forgotten this series (9 months is a long time in Ebooks) I’m putting the first three books into a Pierced Hearts collection, which should be on amazon within a day or two.