“The Devil in Denim is an awesome start to the New York Saints series.” ~ Under the Covers

The Devil in Denim is Melanie Scott’s Debut novel to the Contemporary Genre. I didn’t know when I picked up this book, but Scott is also known as the paranormal romance writer, M.J. Scott. I’ve never read any of those books, but I can tell you this, writing contemporary was a great decision. The Devil in Denim is an awesome start to the New York Saints series.

Maggie Jameson was primed and ready to take over her dad’s position to lead her favorite baseball team, the Saints. Unfortunately, her dad had other ideas. Instead of passing on the torch to his daughter, he had sold the team to Alex Winters and his close friends, Mal and Lucas. Crushed by this decision, she is still willing to do anything to support her team. The question is, how will she survive working with a man who is equally attracted to her as she is to him?

I picked this book to help with my UTC Reading Challenge for the “hot jocks” category. It was a perfect pick as Melanie Scott not only covered the business aspects of baseball; she didn’t forget to load it with hot athletic men! First man up… Alex Winters.

I really like Alex. He is smart, sexy, and he knows how to go for what he wants. I love that he had his eye on Maggie and pursued her accordingly. Maggie, on the other hand, well, she had her head on straight, but she showed some immaturity in this story. There were times when she acted like a douche towards Alex. I wasn’t particularly fond of her during those times. Given her situation, I guess I can understand but still. Overall, their romance was sweet, and they had a few sexy scenes I enjoyed. I most definitely enjoyed Alex’s romantic streak.

I thought Scott’s mixture of business and pleasure was well-done. I really liked that she emphasized on the backdrop of the sport. My only complaint about the book is Maggie’s inner therapist. I thought that part could’ve been taken out, and the book would still be good. It’s easily overlooked I suppose. It certainly will not hold me back from reading the next installment of this series. In fact, I’m excited to get my hands on Angel in Armani, which releases end of December. I’m betting that Scott will be all warmed up with her contemporary writing skills.

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Book 1

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