“Melinda Leigh always offers up an excellent feast of suspense, family drama, mystery and romance…”

~ Under the Covers

Has there been a shooting crime if there’s no victim, no shooter and no blood? With only one scared and homeless teenage girl alleging that anything has happened, Sheriff Bree Taggart with the help of Matt Flynn and his K-9 tracker must unravel exactly what has happened.

Melinda Leigh always offers up an excellent feast of suspense, family drama, mystery and romance, which is why I was excited to get dining on her second book in the Bree Taggart series. At its heart this is a police procedural with the main focus of the book being solving the mystery of the shooting, or non-shooting. It did a great job of leading you along and throwing in twists and turns to keep you off balance and guessing.

But, although the mystery/thriller element of the book was compelling, what I really loved was seeing Bree’s more personal conflicts. Her slow burn romance with Matt; juggling being guardian to her niece and nephew and being the new sheriff in town and re-establishing familial relationships. It adds a richness and complexity to the story which I hope will only build as the series goes on.

A really enjoyable read and I look forward to seeing what Bree and Matt tackle together next.

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  1. Now on my list. Thanks! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have yet to read Melinda. Must rectify that asap.