My Kind of Earl captivates you immediately…”

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Starting a brawl in a brothel is not usually how a respectable young lady should be spending her evenings. However, Jane Pickerington isn’t the usual young miss…and in her defence she didn’t mean to cause the brawl. Nor did she mean to find a long lost peer amoungst the brothel’s customers but the darkly handsome and dangerous Raven has secrets not even he is aware of.

This is only my second Vivienne Lorret book, but I am already a big fan of her light hearted and fun historical romances. My Kind of Earl captivates you immediately with its fantastically slapstick beginning as our heroine Jane causes multiple disasters in a brothel, which ultimately result in a brawl. From there it continues to charm right until (almost) the end.

My Kind of Earl has some of my favourite hero and heroine dynamics: a grumpy, gruff her who doesn’t quite understand or acknowledge his feelings and a smart self-assured, sunshine-y heroine. They were delightful together. Their saucy banter was and slow simmering sexual tension was a real highlight of the book for me. Every touch no matter how innocuous it was, sent sparks and it was delicious. This book does a fantastic job of building up the chemistry and the relationship between Jane and Raven.

Here’s the bit BUT though. The end. As you come towards the end of the book, it started to lose its way. Lots of events are happening far too quickly and the characters acted in a very odd way. As you would expect from a romance, it all ends happily but it was a very inelegant way to get there, especially when compared to the brilliance of the rest of the book.

However, despite a rushed ending I still thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait to read the next in the series and getting to Lorret’s back list. If you are a Julia Quinn or Tessa Dare fan and are looking for something with a similar feel, then this is definitely as series to give a try.

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