“I continue to fall in love with the cases that Robb comes up with. They are all so unique and timeless.”
~ Under the Covers

Every now and then I need my Eve and Roarke fix, so I was pretty much dying by the time I got this book in my hands. Things take a dark turn when Larinda Mars, a professional gossip, is murdered in one of Roarke’s hotspots. As it turns out, she experienced an altercation right before her death and now Eve is on the hunt to find out how she was killed. But as the secrets start to come out, she learns that Larinda was actually a blackmailer. She had a lot of people in her hands, which means that any one of them could have ended her. It’s up to Eve to process and eliminate before someone does the same to her.

SECRETS IN DEATH doesn’t mess around. I consider Robb an expert at writing these police procedural books because each case is so very different from one another yet there’s also some familiarity with it as well. As Eve and Peabody go through the motions, you can’t help but learn from them. I love the pacing of this book. Each chapter is a great step forward in both characterization and plot. I find it fascinating that Robb can make us care about a woman who isn’t particularly well-liked because it shows just how good she is at characterization.

I continue to fall in love with the cases that Robb comes up with. They are all so unique and timeless. This book definitely makes me excited for the next one.spacer



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