“Dean was just my favorite kind of jerk.”
~ Under the Covers

I was a little scared to continue on this series and read RUCKUS.  Mainly because Dean had dated Rosie’s sister and I wasn’t sure how I would feel in the end about them ending up together after all that went down there.  And second, because of Rosie’s health.  I wasn’t sure I was emotionally read for that.  But a friend of mine read it and loved it and told me to just go ahead and jump in.  And I’m glad I did!

Dean is an asshole, yes.  But he is the kind of asshole I can deal with.  Where Vicious was over the top and even crossed some of my lines, Dean never took it quite there.  Dean was just my favorite kind of jerk.  I even liked how he didn’t treat Rosie with kiddie gloves because of her health condition.  He always saw her as a strong woman and treated her accordingly.  He made some bad mistakes along the way, but after seeing that he had his own serious demons to deal with I understood him better.  Even felt bad for him.  And that’s exactly what I want from an author that writes these kinds of characters.  Made me understand them and care about them, without changing who they are.

So while Dean was definitely my favorite part about this book, I also liked Rosie.  I can’t say she’s a fave heroine of mine because I still think some of her actions and decisions could’ve been more mature especially with her circumstances.  But she still made this story a fun one to read and gave Dean almost as good as she got.

Will I read another one?  Hell yeah!  I think L.J. Shen is a talented writer and I love her unconventional but real characters.




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