“[Going Dark] has potential to be a good series.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve read Monica McCarty before and overall enjoyed her books, but Going Dark fell a little short for me. It wasn’t a bad read, but it wasn’t great one either. I will admit, it has potential to be a good series.

Dean is a Chief Seal who has gone dark after a failed covert mission. While trying to stay low to figure out what happened, Dean finds himself caught up with a marine ecologist and activist that makes his situation even worse.

I had a hard time enjoying this book. I found myself disliking the heroine more than I liked the story. Her stupid naive choices as an activist annoyed me. I just couldn’t agree with the way she protested for her cause. Her hate for the military was ridiculous, yet when in trouble she expected them to save her. By the end of this book, I thought she was nothing but a rich girl who has nothing else better to do in her life. The funny thing is, the further I write this review, the more I remember how much she annoyed me.

However, I found Dean’s fascination for Annie intriguing. He couldn’t stop himself from wanting to save her stupid a**. I almost wanted to hate him for it as well, but I do love a hero who saves the day. Dean is just that; very alpha, very sexy, and a take charge kind of guy. I liked him enough.

I think this series has potential to be good. There was plenty of action, steamy scenes, and the background story of betrayals within the ranks was interesting, a very Bourne kind of plot. I think romantic suspense readers would enjoy this series as long as they can overlook the shortcomings of the heroine. I’m hoping Mccarty will up her game in the next installment though I’m not sure if I will follow this particular series.





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  1. Yep, yep, yep, that is exactly how I felt about her- both her choices and her issues with the military. Loved him and the rest of the plot so I hope for more good things as the series progresses.