ARC Review: Last Star Burning by Caitlin Sangster

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ARC Review: Last Star Burning by Caitlin Sangster
Last Star Burning
Book Info

Released: October 10th 2017
Series: Last Star Burning #1
Pages: 400

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“Last Star Burning is a debut novel worth checking out…[it] has a good start and a promise of an even better follow up. ”
~ Under the Covers

Last Star Burning is a Young Adult/Post Apocalyptic novel much like the Fifth Wave but with a different storyline. This world is divided by class, ruled by the corrupted leaders who very well divided the people in the first place. The city is plagued with an incurable disease that can cause madness, which can be only be controlled by a drug called Mantis. Unfortunately, that drag is also controlled by the government.

It is believed that Sev’s mother is responsible for spreading this disease. Charged as a traitor and now imprisoned and displayed for the world to see. A reminder of what can happen if you break the law. Sev is also branded as a “low starred civilian” but also known as the daughter of a traitor. This has been her life, but there’s more to the story. Things are not what they seem. Secrets, government conspiracy, uprising rebels, and possible love interest.

The world building was slow to start but well detailed in which I was able to immerse myself into. The twists and turns at 70% were unexpected and the pace from there was go, go, go! I found that the main characters also had good build ups. Sev is an amazing character; a child who survives an ordeal and is a survivor down to her bone. You get to see her get stronger as you read on with the book. However, I would’ve like to get to know the secondary character a little more. I kept looking for more information about them, perhaps more background, but it felt a little short. Perhaps, I just wanted more of the story in all.

Last Star Burning is a debut novel worth checking out. I”m very excited about this series. This book has a good start and a promise of an even better follow up. I wish this author much luck in her new adventure.





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About Caitlin Sangster

Caitlin Sangster is the author of the Last Star Burning trilogy, She Who Rides the Storm, and A Baker's Guide to Robber Pie.

She grew up in the back woods of California and would rather go hiking, running, swimming, or general outdoorsing than just about anything else. If there aren’t any mountains, it doesn’t count as a real place. At eighteen, Caitlin moved to XinJiang, and at twenty-one it was Taiwan. She did eventually buckle down and graduate from Brigham Young University with a BA in Asian Studies and is now that person you avoid at parties because she'll probably start talking about Shang dynasty oracle bones.

She lives in the Chicago area with her husband and four children.


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