“Had I gone in expecting a sweet, small town, shifter romance I might’ve enjoyed it more.”
~ Under the Covers

When I read the first book in this series, while it didn’t blow me away, I found a lot of potential for this series to be something that I could enjoy.  So I picked up MATING NEEDS quite excited about it.  It started out promising but in the end I was disappointed with what I got from this story.  Maybe it all comes down to expectations.

The first book introduces us to the A.L.F.A. organization and it’s very much a military shifter theme.  There was danger and adventure.  While this second book started out promising danger and adventure, it quickly changed to a simple, sweet, small town, shifter romance.  The majority of this book didn’t deliver the military feel I was expecting, the action and adventure mixed in with sexy romance was missing.  That’s what I mean about expectations.  Had I gone in expecting a sweet, small town, shifter romance I might’ve enjoyed it more.  It just didn’t fit with this series for me, even though the hero is part of the organization and yes, he is on assignment protecting the heroine during this whole book.  The action only seems to really happen at the beginning and end of the story.  That’s where it missed the mark for me.

Ok all that being said… I think this book reminded me of Vivian Arend’s Granite Lake Wolves series.  There’s a nice small town vibe to it, with the whole community getting involved in the story and getting to know the heroine.  Certainly they were all very likeable characters and welcome Amie into their fold, even allowing her to put her own stamp on the community.  It’s also a second chance romance.  Frank and Amie were together in college and he knew she was his mate but never told her the truth about what he was.  She left him without a real explanation one day and has been gone for years.  Now she’s hiding more than a few secrets and he’s assigned to protect her by taking her to his hometown.

The romance and chemistry was good, there wasn’t a whole lot of tension between the two of them because their old pull was there.  I wasn’t completely sold on the why things didn’t work out before and why Amie hasn’t looked for him to tell him the truth.  And that certain reunion at the end felt a bit anti-climactic for me.  Still, this was a quick and enjoyable read and I think if you have an idea what you’re getting into it’s even more enjoyable.  I happen to love these kinds of stories!  I’m still curious to see what happens with the next book in this series and I’ll be picking it up for sure.





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