“If you are looking for a HOT, Quick, entertaining read Ruthless King will not disappoint.”
~ Under the Covers

Once upon a time I was given the opportunity to review Meghan March’s first release Beneath This Mask, and I fell in love with her words. As time passed none of her following releases could top my love for Beneath This Mask. With this new release Ruthless King, Ms. March has intrigued me, and I find myself quite impatient for the remainder of the story of Kiera and Lachlan. The verdict is still out on whether this story will dethrone Beneath This Mask.

Ruthless King was a very different read from Ms. March it is very steamy yet at times I would dare say crude and her words are not as smooth as experienced in other books. I am torn as on the one hand I want desperately to know what is to come in Defiant Queen and Sinful Empire, yet not thrilled with the plot line, hero’s behavior, or the change in writing style. At this time as hot as Lachlan may be I find him to be a complete ****. Remains to be seen whether this antihero’s tale will be enough to redeem him and make him worthy of the love of the heroine Keira. Keira is a strong, intelligent woman who has been hurt greatly and continues to be mistreated emotionally. Ruthless King is a very quick read and I found myself quite surprised that I arrived at the cliffhanger so quickly. To be fair I will let you know I am not a fan of cliffhangers or e-serials etc. There is not much I can say right now as I need more to deliver an accurate review of this storyline. If you are looking for a HOT, Quick, entertaining read Ruthless King will not disappoint. As for me I will be here awaiting the 2nd and 3rd installment quite impatiently. Defiant Queen please do not make me wait too long lol.





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