“Chris Merit fans will love this novella. ” ~ Under the Covers

Chris and Sara are undoubtedly committed, but there are still plenty to discover about each other as with any new love. But, Chris believes, His Secrets will destroy what they have. While in Paris, Chris will brave it and reveal not so much his secrets but what has been gnawing at him all his life.

Chris’ secrets have been hindering his relationship with Sara because of his past and relationship with Amber. Honestly, I think Sara has accepted everything about him, and it’s more just letting her know the details of it. Unfortunately, it’s more to Chris, and I get it, guilt is a very powerful emotion. Amber that little manipulative psycho has been using that guilt to get what she wants. The question is, will Chris be strong enough not to let her continue interfere with his new life with Sara?

Chris Merit fans will love this novella. As I am a fan, this novella is too short for my liking but of course enjoyed it just the same. It was intense, full of drama and of course steamy. I don’t suggest reading this as stand-alone, but I do highly recommend the series. Ms. Jones is one of my favorite authors.

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