“Ms. Kaye takes it up a notch with the mystery and suspense of the storyline…kept me at the edge of my seat ” ~ Under the Covers

Hard as You Can is even better than its predecessor, Hard As It Gets. Ms. Kaye takes it up a notch with the mystery and suspense of the storyline. She was also not afraid to add more serious matters to the plot such as human trafficking, abuse, rape, drugs and well organized gangs; which added a dangerous edge to the overall story. I will admit it’s what kept me at the edge of my seat.

The boys at Hard Ink continue their search for answers to clear their name after a dishonorable discharge from the Army. With a little more money available to them, they are slowly setting up their headquarters giving them more access to information, communication, and just making themselves more at home. Hard as you Can Takes off shortly after Shayne and his comrades rescued the son of their dead commander from a local strip club; obviously, this establishment is more than meets the eye. The team will take on a drug lord who also is involved human trafficking, and prostitution. Because of Shayne’s past, rescuing Crystal Dean and the other girls becomes very a personal matter.  My heart broke for Crystal. She’s in a very hard predicament, and though she can easily get out, she has her sister to think of. I have to say that I bow to her courage to withstand all her suffering and sacrifices. Finding Shayne is truly a blessing for her and her sister. Shayne, of course, will come to the rescue. Their attraction was obvious, and even their connection, but the drawback for me is that the words “I love you” came too soon. I think they would have done great even without saying those words. They have a very unconventional love story, but I still think it’s sweet just the same.

I am very pleased with the rebuilding of the broken friendships between the men at Hard Ink. You truly see them get more comfortable with each other as they once were. Trust is starting to build again. The banter and jokes between them increased quite a bit, and it had me laugh-out-loud. Especially for Shayne and Nick, despite their big fall out, they did manage to just…let it all out. It was sort of cute on how they kissed and made up.

Looks like Ms. Kaye have a couple of full lengths books in the works with a novella up next. I can’t wait to read more of the men at Hard Ink.

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