“Death’s Daughter is even better than its debut Realm Walker. It was well written and it had an exciting pace.” ~ Under the Covers

Death’s Daughter is even better than its debut Realm Walker. It was well written and it had an exciting pace. Ms. Collins did a wonderful job with the world building but what hooked me was the mystery that needed solving and the romance between the protagonists.

Death’s Daughter takes off about two weeks from when Realm Walker had ended. Julianna has yet to talk to Thomas and still unsure of where their relationship stands. However, by the end of this book, Ms. Collins gives them a more definitive relationship. I am impressed with how subtle Ms. Collins brought them back together. There was nothing instant to their rekindling which made it so easy to believe and fall in love right along with them. Now that Thomas is back for good, it was just a matter of time that Julianna comes to terms on how they really feel for each other.

“Should you cease to exist, so would I.” ~ Thomas Kendrick, Master Vampire.

This is what I love about immortal romace. There is a state of a never-ending-love for their mates but if he or she “ceased to exist” the other perished, as well. So dramatic I know, but oh, so romantic. I just adored Thomas and how he treated Julianna. Despite his state of “alphaness”, he tried his best to step back and let her be the kick ass heroine that she is.

Collins solidified the world building a bit more. Julianna’s heritage was explored further. I’m very curious and I wish to read more about her parentage. I am in awe on how strong she is, not just physically but mentally. But I guess, a more fitting question is how many lives does this girl have? One after the next incident, she continues to get up and continue to fight another day. I have to say though; she has a little bit of help from another male. *zips mouth*. Although if you read Realm Walker, you can probably guess who it is.

I love that Ms. Collins hooked me to the case Julianna was working on. It made me want to help solve it though I didn’t do a great job at it. The mystery of whom The Thief was actually surprised me. The twist and turns of the story certainly swayed me away from who the real perpetrator really is. It may have been in front of my face, but I just didn’t expect it. Bottom line though is that I enjoyed this book a great deal. I can’t wait to read more of Ms. Collins’ work.

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