“Ms. Ballenger rocked the hell out of this book, making Immortal Hunter one of UTC’s Top Pick for this year. ” ~ Under the Covers

Hot damn! Ms. Ballenger rocked the hell out of this book, making Immortal Hunter one of UTC’s Top Pick for this year. Ms. Ballenger continues to impress me with the none-stop excitement in this book. It had a perfect blend of mystery, action, humor, romance and a little bit of heartbreak.

David and Allsun’s past goes back further than I thought, which of course is explained more in this book. In fact, they were high school sweethearts but somewhere down the line, their paths separate. Or more down to the point, their priorities changed. Their past broke my heart and I’m glad they get a second chance to rectify their relationship.

The mystery of the murders, oddly, is what brought these two together. Because of their talent to sense demon activity, they are both drawn to the demon activity around them. I have to say, some scenes were not gory per se, but how the murders were done made me cringe a little. Okay, no, it freaked me out a little. The murders were just a bit brutal but don’t get me wrong, it goes well with the story. Ms. Ballenger does touch a little on the loss and grieving. Allsun did not have tortured past but losing someone she loves was a big tear jerker for me. She truly touched my heart with this subject. On a good note, Ms. Ballenger had given Allsun the happy-ending she deserves.

I was curious about Damon, the hero from the novella Shadow Hunter. I actually had to open up his book to remember what happened. As soon as I remembered and seeing him emotionally suffer made me want his book even more. From what I hear his book will be the very last of the series. I’m sure it will be a worthwhile read. Actually,  I’m excited to read more of this group who is dedicated to making a difference in this world.

With this book, Ms. Ballenger cements my decision to make her an auto buy and review for any book she writes. She is a solid writer and I expected more great books from her.

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