“…exciting and full of danger as well as romance…” ~ Under the Covers

Dancer Hauk is one of the founding members of the Sentella and one of the most fearsome fighters in the universe. However, back home he is considered deformed because of his scars and unworthy by his family. However, as the last adult male in his bloodline Hauk must take his nephew on his Endeavor, a hard core camping trip, but, Hauk is one of the most wanted men in the universe and a very powerful man wants him dead. Sumi Antaxas was conscripted to the League after killing her boyfriend in self defense, she has now become one of their top assassins, and there is one thing she would kill, destroy and maim for, her child. Taken away as soon as she was born Sumi will do anything to give her a safe life, including take out the more ferocious male she has ever seen…Dancer Hauk.

Want me to like a book? Stick in an alien hero over six and half foot tall with fangs and I am blissed out. Although technically Hauk isn’t a vampire, he sucks no blood although his species considers human flesh a delicacy, he is firmly in the Space Vampire category and is there to stay and be worshiped by me. Hauk has frequently appeared in the previous books in this series, but I had no idea that his book would turn out to be my favourite, he hasn’t stuck out for me like some of the other characters.

As with all Sherrilyn Kenyon books, both the hero and heroine have horrific pasts and wounded souls, I admit, sometimes I get a little exasperated with the ridiculously over the top melodrama that is ever present in her books. But then I read about my sexy Space Vampire and get over it, however, I look forward to the day when maybe one of her characters will be well adjusted and their body untouched by torture. However, the melodrama does really show you how perfect Sumi and Hauk were for one another, I can’t deny how in love they and how sweet it was.

There was also plenty of action in this book, Hauk was on some kind of extreme-camping-coming-of-age gig with his young nephew and was also being chased by a horde of assassins and mercs. This made the book exciting and full of danger as well as romance and is also one of the reasons that is now one of my favourite books in the series. This book also featured a lot of the characters from the previous books coming to Hauk’s aid, enabling us to revisit them after their HEA and see them still just as happy and in love. It was also touching to see just how close all the characters were and see them all come together and show their depth of their friendships with one another, they really were one big happy family.

Another fantastic book in this series and I cannot wait to see what happens next and whose book will be next. The League is one of my favourite series and if you haven’t picked it up yet, then you need to give it a try.

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