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It’s time! I’ve been waiting for Gareth’s book it seems like since this series started. One of the things I’ve always found most intriguing about this world are the grims and I was dying to go under the surface and find out what makes them tick. You want to know my feelings after reading this one? They didn’t disappoint!

Livvy and Gareth’s story was exactly the intense ride I wanted from grim and everything I love about paranormal romance all rolled into one. Livvy was the perfect mix of soft and hard. A heroine you’ll fall in love with that goes after what she wants and knows she has to live in and thrive in a world where she has to fight harder than others. Basically, I loved her!

But then there’s Gareth and yes lets just admit he’s been added to my list of book boyfriends. While I do like them a bit domineering and he’s got that in spades, the softer side of him was amazing to see. And not only just when it comes to the heroine. He could’ve easily gone down a much darker path and he was still focused on making sure kids that went through what he did have resources so they don’t have to suffer the same as him. You can’t do anything but fall in love with the guy. And not to be outdone by all that, did I mention he’s hot as hell? This book is steamy! We need to see more of this in PNR.

Then the storyline. This was engaging and well put together. There’s the discovery of what grims can do and their powers, basically just amazing. But there’s a sense of danger and urgency to the story that just flowed so well. I could not put this down!

If you’re a pnr lover like me, you have to read this book. And honestly, this whole series.

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