Cute, adorable, low angst.


I was so excited to read this book because I loved these two in the first book and I couldn’t wait for their HEA. This is a brother’s best friend story but at the same time childhood crush story plus they sort of have a working relationship together now. Basically so many of the things I love to read about all in one.

Here’s the thing with expectations. I both enjoyed this book and I felt like I was expecting something else. The story and the romance? Cute, adorable, low angst. Just two people that have a great friendship and have reached the point that they’ll act on all those other feelings no matter what anyone else will say. I had a good time reading it, revisiting the rest of the crew we got to meet in the first book, and overall found this to be a book I think every romance lover would enjoy.

At the same time I have this feeling like I’m disappointed because it’s not what I thought it would be. Purely my expectation. I had the feeling after reading book 1 that their romance would have an enemies to lovers feel. I wanted some push and pull between them. A little bickering and groveling. So while I enjoyed their sweeter and easier, more friendly romance I wanted some more friction and that we didn’t get.

If you like romances with family atmosphere you’ll enjoy this series. I think this was a great addition to it and I loved that it felt so different than the first book. Plus it’s left me super excited for the next book!

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