“If you don’t already know, Jessica Scott writes extraordinary tales of men and women in the Army. ” ~ Under the Covers

If you don’t already know, Jessica Scott writes extraordinary tales of men and women in the Army. After The War is her latest and second installment to Homefront series. This spin off from Coming Home Series, focuses on military lives after the war, reminding us that survival of the fittest is not only physically, it is also emotional strength.

“War has a way of changing people. Making you see what’s really important.”

Did it ever and definitely the case for Captain Sarah Anders and Captain Sean Nichols. After their relationship had ended so long ago, their lives had done a complete turn around. Where Sarah, avoided to be strapped down to have a family, she now has a daughter. And where Sean once wanted to settle down and have kids, he is now committed to the Army and is still single. Fate demands them to have a second chance and the time is up to see if they’ll take advantage of the opportunity.

This is not my favorite of Scott’s books but as always, Scott writes about heroes or heroines with real life issues capturing any readers heart. And it deserves no less than a four star rating. Sarah and Sean were strong despite the beat down the war has given them. Their love, though it was from the past, stayed strong making the opportunity of second chance easier to accept. This took the insta-love equation from the story and that’s always a plus. I enjoyed their union despite the issues with their jobs. It was nice to ee them fall right back from where they left. I would have like to see more interaction between Sean and Sarah’s daughter. She was adorable and since she is a big part of Sarah’s life, I don’t think she had enough page time.

Overall, another great read and always, I recommend any of Scott’s books if you have the need for a military read.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I haven’t read Jessica Scott yet but I do have a few of her books on my TBR pile.

  2. I’ve read reviews for her before and they’ve all been pretty positive…I’ll be checking her books out