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“…if you enjoy a sweet friends to lovers romance, then this will hit the mark for you.” ~ Under the Covers

After reading CAGED IN WINTER I was left wanting more between Jason and Tessa.  Jason is Tessa’s brothers’ best friend.  He’s older than her, he’s a bit of an unreformed playboy, and he has always seen her as a little sister.  Right?  I just LOVE those stories!  So when Cade moves away and Tessa needs someone to step up and fill in Cade’s shoes and help watch out for her and her daughter.  And of course, Cade leaves his best friend Jason in charge of that task.

But Jason quickly figures out that his feelings for Tessa have changed and take him by surprise.  He’s attracted to the woman she’s become, that strong and determined woman who has struggled and persevered to make something of herself, even after getting pregnant at 17 and being a single mother.  In so many ways, Tessa is the opposite of Jason.  And he is left feeling inadequate and undeserving of someone like her.  But that doesn’t stop him from pursuing her.

I loved both main characters!  I often read books where I want to throttle one or the other, but I didn’t in this one and I just enjoyed the story!   Despite their young age, this was a more mature story.  In parts because of the fact that Tessa has had to grow up fast and her life is already leaps ahead from her someone her age.  Jason had to catch up quick to fit in and I think he did a great job at that.  We see him grow throughout the book, from the carefree spoiled rich playboy into a responsible man who wants to take care of his family.  I especially loved seeing his interactions with Tessa’s daughter!

If you liked CAGED IN WINTER, you will love TESSA EVER AFTER.   And if you enjoy a sweet friends to lovers romance, then this will hit the mark for you.



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  1. I’ve enjoyed the last few friends to lovers books I’ve read so I’ll add this….thanks