On Mondays they had country walks. Tuesdays were sea bathing.  On Wednesdays they turned their hands to gardening.  And Thursdays were their day to shoot.

Spindle Cove is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to go back in time and visit.  This time around we finally get the story Kate and Corporal Thorne.  She’s soft and refined, even though she grew up as an orphan, never knowing or remembering who her parents were.  He’s dark and intense, with a past that is very much a part of his every thought.  A past that involved Kate, but she can’t remember.

I loved the connection between Kate and Thorne, the link in their pasts, and how they interacted in the present.  They were very well suited for each other even when they were arguing.  Although he is the typical tortured, brooding hero, he was written so to perfection.  How can you not love such a hard man who then turns around and has so much love for a puppy?  Then flip that coin and you get that burning desire he’s always had for Kate. *melting* Swoon-worthy and absolutely lovable, that is how I have filed Samuel Thorne in my mind.

Although Kate was a very likeable heroine, strong and independent, I have to say she’s not my favorite in this series.  I found her quick acceptance of her new family and of some of the things that were going on around her wasn’t exactly how I was expecting her to react.  But in her relationship with Thorne she was everything he needed and then some.

A LADY BY MIDNIGHT is definitely another solid book in this wonderful series.  Tessa Dare yet again captivates my full attention with the intricate story of Kate’s life and love, taking us through the ups and downs with even a bit of humor.  I can’t wait to be WOWed again with the next trip to Spindle Cove.

“I’m here. You’re not alone now.”

*ARC provided by publisher

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