Kyana is once again in the fight of her life, to save the world from Cronos, the evil god of Olympus. Since rising from the dead, Cronos has built an army and his plan to take over Olympus and the world is in full effect. With Kyana being a full goddess now, she finds it hard to learn how to fight with her new magic instead of her fists. She must think and organize and make sure her people are safe. Kyana is no longer in the midst of battle, but the one giving orders. And with the impending battle coming to Olympus, she needs to perfect her skills in order to win the war.

As opposed to Kyana in Ascension, the bad ass shoot first ask questions later, the new Kyana, goddess of the hunt, is more rational. Kyana still has her edge, but it’s been smoothed out a bit by responsibilities and Ryker. She realizes she not only has herself to fight for, but for the people she has grown to love.

Kyana is not the only one finding it hard to go through this transition, Ryker is as well. Being Zeus, the god of gods keeps him from being on the battle field as well. The cute thing is they go through this together. The both of them get to know each other on a deeper level. Gone are the days where they would get together and bang on a counter covered in blood and grime, these days they are making love on their beds with an occasional rendezvous here and there. Kyana and Ryker have grown up, which is sweet and gave me butterflies in my tummy. At one point I was telling Ryker I loved him and swore to Kyana that I would take him away if she didn’t give him what he deserved. It was then that I realized why my husband was laughing at me.

Although Chosen wasn’t as fast paced as Ascension, I still loved it and felt it wrapped up the story very nicely. I do recommend reading these books in order so you can get the full effect this series has to offer. Well done!

*ARC provided by publisher

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