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ARC Review: Close Enough to Touch by Victoria Dahl
Close Enough to Touch
Book Info

Released: August 28, 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Jackson Hole #1
Pages: 384


Dayumm, Ms. Dahl can write a good Cowboy story!!!

Cole Rawlins is our mentally and physically broken but oh so sexy hero. In his late thirties, this cowboy is done with his partying, has experienced heartaches, realizes his mistakes and is now ready to get his life straightened out. However, with his recent leg injury, it will take time before his plans take place. But as they say, “things happen for a reason” and he would not have met the city girl next door if he had not moved in at the Stud Farm.

Twenty-eight year old, starving make-up artist, Grace Barret recently had her heart broken. Starting anew, she moved out of Los Angeles to “passing through” Wyomingm, stays with her aunt then plans to head to Vancouver hoping for a job. Grace is jaded due to hardships and betrayals in her past. She has learned to harden her shell to ward off any friendships or relationships to avoid any heartbreaks. But Wyoming has a way to soften any heart, in this case in the form of a hot cowboy!

This city-girl-meet-the-cowboy story is one I could not put down. Grace was super funny and it was easy to relate to her, being a city girl myself. Like her, I don’t know what the difference between an elk and a deer is or what a pronghorn is. Grace’s reactions to her new surroundings, her attraction to the cowboy next door, and how she dealt with life in general were all believable and justifiable. She’s a survivor! The same goes for Cole, how many of us do things and later regret them? Most of the time that very mistake is what straightens us out. Cole is super hot with his cowboy self and a man more than willing to take care of his woman. I LOVE the fact that he knew what he wanted and went for it.

Cole and Grace’s sexual tension was strong and when they finally got together…super hot! I don’t care what anyone says, if Cole where to come to me and “slap me like he dismounts a horse”, I would not care.

What I like about Ms. Dahl is that she can always deliver a steamy story but not forget the romance, the laugh-out-loud realistic moments and the endings always leaves me light hearted. She is consistent in delivering a great contemporary love story. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a feel-good, sigh inducing, gush-bucket-filling and laugh-out-loud story.

Per Goodreads, there will be an anthology called BE MINE: Jennifer Crusie, Victoria Dahl Shannon Stacey. Looks like Dahl’s novella will be about Jenny(Grace’s friend) and will be released Jan.22, 2013. Yay me!!!

*ARC provided by publisher

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