“…fast paced and full of action.”
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Sometimes you come across a book and you just know you have to read it because it sounds too interesting to pass up.  That’s what happened to me with A FERRY OF BONES AND GOLD.  I had never read Hailey Turner, never even heard of her actually, but once I looked up her backlist I saw a ton of books that I probably would be interested in reading.  This new release sounded right up my alley as it was described as a mix of Mortal Instruments and Charlie Cochet’s THIRDs series.  And I think it definitely delivered on my expectations!

This is an urban fantasy with a small thread of romance.  Our main character is a mage working for a division of like the FBI.  There are a series of murders in NYC and the cops have asked for help from higher up, so Patrick needs to skip his much needed vacation and come deal with the case.  What he finds is his worst case scenario.

If you like your urban fantasy to have a bit of everything, then you’ll enjoy this one.  There’s Gods, magic, shifters and vampires.  This is set in NYC and that was also done really well while laying this whole new world around the city.  Thoroughly entertaining!

A FERRY OF BONES AND GOLD is fast paced and full of action.  The writing and storytelling is engaging, the world building is interesting, and the characters are lovable.  The romance thread between Patrick, our mage, and Jono, a shifter, was just the perfect amount and they are very sexy together.  But I liked that it didn’t take away from the seriousness of the case and the things going on around them.  A solid UF and I can’t wait for the next installment.


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