“WOUND TIGHT packs an emotional punch and plenty of sizzling chemistry”
~ Under the Covers

Fans of Lorelei James rejoice!  WOUND TIGHT blends two of my favorite cowboy romance series by the Queen of this trope.  Blacktop Cowboys and Rough Riders.  The great thing about that you ask?  That you will see cameos from characters in both series and I was happier than you could imagine.  I also have the worst memory so this may have taken a little while to click for me with the connections but once I figured out that the hero, Justin, is Jack’s brother… IN LOVE with him even more.

But lets back up a bit before I fangirl all over this review.  Justin Donohue is 40.  He’s a retired world champion bullrider that everyone thinks burned through all the money he made and now has to live the life of a traveling ranch hands, finding his next meal where he can get it.  That’s exactly the type of man Calliope needs to stay away from because it hits too close to home for her.  But even at 22 and with the big age difference between them, she can’t deny the attraction and chemistry that sizzles with even just a look.

This is a May-December trope and honestly, sometimes these can work for me and others it feels a bit like eeekkkk.  Lorelei James knows just how to push boundaries while staying in a comfortable zone that will appeal to most readers.  Justin had enough of gold diggers in his life and has resorted to living like a lone wolf because all he’s attracted in the past has been heartache.  My heart ached for him and I couldn’t wait until he got an HEA with a loving woman that would take care of him.

And then there’s Callie.  Here’s a heroine that has gone through so much in her short life and I adored her.  Admired her strength and her resolve to making things happen for herself.  Independent, level headed, determined.  There was so much about this loving young woman to like and she was the perfect balance for Justin’s hard life.

WOUND TIGHT packs an emotional punch and plenty of sizzling chemistry like Ms. James can deliver.  You won’t be able to not fall in love along with the characters.


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  1. Awesome review Francesca!! I love this writers 1001 dark nights novella’s,their so good!! Shared on all my socials!!??